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Overmolding Start-Up
Overmolding Prototyping Service

The beginning of a new manufacturing production always involves major initial investments and major risks linked to a correct assessment of costs and benefits.

Mecatronic puts at your disposal its low pressure overmolding machines to immediately start your new production line and instantly offer a starting stock which will allow you to better evaluate the sales impact of your new idea.

Mecatronic is not only a prime machine supplier but is able to offer a Prototyping Service for the low pressure overmolding.

We create small productions for those who do not have the actual need to equip or simply want to approach a new area without the burden of immediate and major investment.

We provide a 3D prototyping services to enable you to take vision of the object without having to create a mold for that one only purpose.

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What is the HOT MELT molding system?

Solutions for Electronic and Cabling World

The widespread use of micro-electronics in the automotive and electronics industry, in particular of the miniaturization and of modularization of components, makes necessary to pay special attention to the protection of the individual parts.

The reason why it is necessary to use peculiar protection for electrical and electronic parts (LEDs, relays, switches) is to protect them from heat, moisture, dust, mechanics impact to guarantee long operation.

In order to make these protections injections of PVC or standard POLYAMIDES can be used, but the high pressure (greater than 300 bar) used in these processes can damage sensitive components.

HOT MELT molding technology offers an alternative of small, medium and large quantities of productions.
This technology uses low pressure (2-25 bar), which also allows the use of simple aluminum molds at low cost.
The injection into the mold is carried out by special valves that control the volume of resin to be injected.

The materials used in the hot melt have a good adhesion on many materials, do not generate gas, they are water resistant and overprintable.

There are only a few thermoplastics used in tank whose characteristics depend from molding project needs and from technical specifications related to it.


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