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Schleuniger 40% discount
from April 1st 2019 to November 30th 2019
For purchases of Schleuniger cutting-stripping, cutting and stripping machines and semiautomatic machines made from April 1st 2019 to November 30th 2019, Schleuniger offers a voucher that entitles you to a 40% discount on an order of blades and transport belts for a value no greater than that of the machine purchased, or a 40% discount on the order of an online course for Schleuniger University operators.
  published in 09/04/2019    
To be Excellent 2019
Schleuniger Partner
Mecatronic is proud to announce the receipt of

Schleuniger Partner "To be Excellent" 2019

sincere thanks to all those who enabled us to achieve this goal.

Every milestone passed is just the beginning of a new race ...
  published in 05/02/2019    
Matrixes for TT1416 and CBL25
production ceased
Mecatronic informs that, with immediate effect, the manufacturer has ceased the production of the matrixes for the TT1416 and CBL25 equipments.

Therefore, in case of requests from customers, it will be ns to evaluate with the manufacturer the eventual availability in stock (at the moment they still have some parts in stock, they will be supplied until they are exhausted).
  published in 23/11/2018    
CrimpCenter 36 SP - The Performance Package
Schleuniger launches his new CrimpCenter 36 SP in April.
The new CrimpCenter 36 SP, the latest Schleuniger CrimpCenter 3-series machine, will be launching in April. This new machine, which recently debuted at productronica in Munich, builds on the features and functionality of the CrimpCenter 36 S. The CrimpCenter 36 SP offers decreased set-up time due to new wire straighteners and programmable gripper pressure, increased performance with higher feed rates and refined motor synchronization and well as enhanced wire handling and depositing with a new deposit gripper and an automatic batch tray.

The CrimpCenter 36 SP can process wires ranging from 0.13 mm2 to 6 mm2 (26 AWG 10 AWG) and features all of the latest quality assurance options, such as SmartDetect, WireCam and the Guided Feasibility Study. These features, along with the attractive price point, make the CrimpCenter 36 SP a formidable machine for complex production and quality targets.
  published in 27/02/2018    
Inline-Kit-Modification for Mercury-4
The Inline-Kit allows cable to be passed through the laser and be used with a cut strip machine in order to enable automatic laser stripping and cutting.

The Inline-Kit can be installed directly and in a simple way into the Mercury-4. The desired application is programmed on the semi-automatic machine.
  published in 27/02/2018    
Industry 4.0
Italian Customers Only
This is the ideal time to invest in your new production process.
Current tax incentives, in fact, make significant economic benefits possible when purchasing and renewing "interconnected" machinery.

For all the information and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be able to find the right solution for you.
  published in 23/01/2018    
Discontinued Products Support 2019/2020
spare parts availability notice
It is now a long time since the end of production of the following machines, starting from 2019 it will no longer be possible to guarantee spare parts availability.
  • CoaxStrip 5300 MX
  • UniStrip 2100
  • HotStamp 4128
  • WireStacker 500
Starting from 2020 also for the following machines:
  • CableCoiler 1000
  • CompactStrip 9200
  • PowerStrip 9500 MX
  • HC 207
For any further information and / or problems please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support.

We will in any case try to satisfy your requests
  published in 17/09/2019    
Powerful, resistant and extremely precise
We are pleased to announce the introduction of Schleuniger new coaxial cable stripping machine for the forthcoming December: The high performance CoaxStrip 6480 will be released in mid-November and will be available from December.

CoaxStrip 6480
  •     Processing range from 1.2 mm (0.05) to 12 mm (0.47) outer diameter and a maximum stripping length of 50 mm (1.97)
  •     3 blade stripping head
  •     Software S.ON Stripping
  •     Elektronic Bricks
  •     RI and RIG versions (automatic versions) available from the fourth quarter of 2019
  •     Wire List available from the fourth quarter of 2019

(The CoaxStrip 6480 will replace the CoaxStrip 5400)
  published in 16/10/2018    
Glance with safety
Print image monitoring with code-M camera
Expansion of the production line with a camera control system can also be simply achieved with an efficient application management of integrated camera solutions.

The successful combination of Metronic Alphajet Printers, the optional code-M Camera and its dedicated software optimise production

With the integrated camera solution, which is a notch above the rest thanks to its simple operation and absolute accuracy, each marking is automatically verified and thus gives you the option of fast reaction times for the identification of quality changes of the marking.

The direct connection between camera and printer offers you a number of advantages:

  • Attractive price, since additional computers become unnecessary
  • Increase in turnover by avoiding scrap parts
  • Easy operation on the printer display
  • Error avoidance through coordinated interfaces
  • Increased output through high production reliability
  • Cost savings as compared to previous test methods
  • Relief for employees by high production reliability

  published in 23/01/2018    
New Service of Crimping Press Analysis
Available upon reservation
From now on, Mecatronic is able to offer you a calibration service for crimping presses provided by one of the most efficient and innovative tools for the maintenance and capability.

New and unique features like colour touch display, integrated memory and USB interfaces in combination with our proven quality make the PAL 4000 to an essential tool for quality assurance in the wire harness production. Due to the modern touch screen an easy and comfortable operation as well as an immediate presentation of the measuring results directly at the device is possible.

At present, the service is only available for 135.780mm crimping presses

Contact us for info and bookings
  published in 23/01/2018    



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