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To be Excellent 2020
Schleuniger Partner
For the second consecutive year Mecatronic is proud to announce the receipt of

Schleuniger Partner "To be Excellent"

sincere thanks to all those who enabled us to achieve this goal again.
  published in 08/09/2020    
Industry 4.0
Italian Customers Only
This is the ideal time to invest in your new production process.
Current tax incentives, in fact, make significant economic benefits possible when purchasing and renewing "interconnected" machinery.

For all the information and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be able to find the right solution for you.
  published in 08/09/2020    
Discontinued Products Support 2020/2025
spare parts availability notice
It is now a long time since the end of production of the following machines, it will no longer be possible to guarantee spare parts availability.

  • CableCoiler 1000
  • CompactStrip 9200
  • PowerStrip 9500 MX
  • HC 207
  • OmniCutter 3950
  • SemiRigid 1000
  • StripCrimp PP 3
  • UniStrip 2700
  • FiberStrip 7035
  • UniStrip 2500
  • MegaStrip 9600
  • PreFeeder 3500
  • PreFeeder 4600
  • PreFeeder 4700
  • CableCoiler 1400
  • CompactStrip 9200 RX
  • OmniStrip 9450
  • PowerStrip 9500
  • PreFeeder 4300
  • PreFeeder 4650
  • PreFeeder 4800
  • WireStacker 3100
For any further information and / or problems please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support.

We will in any case try to satisfy your requests
  published in 07/02/2023    
New Service of Crimping Press Analysis
Available upon reservation
From now on, Mecatronic is able to offer you a calibration service for crimping presses provided by one of the most efficient and innovative tools for the maintenance and capability.

New and unique features like colour touch display, integrated memory and USB interfaces in combination with our proven quality make the PAL 4000 to an essential tool for quality assurance in the wire harness production. Due to the modern touch screen an easy and comfortable operation as well as an immediate presentation of the measuring results directly at the device is possible.

At present, the service is only available for 135.780mm crimping presses

Contact us for info and bookings
  published in 08/09/2020    



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