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To whom it may concern

In reference to the governments restrictions of DPCM of 22th March 2020 to contain the COVID19 spread and infection, we inform you that MECATRONIC SRL will continue the usual productive activities, preferring however some precautionary measures in order to prevent the infection between coworkers and employees.

These measures are valid until April 13th or until further notice.

All activities which require our technical/commercial staff to move from our plant are suspended.

All commercial and technical support activities are guaranteed. We have developed business continuity plans that allow our employees to work remotely to ensure the usual service standard

For any URGENT need, please contact us at our e-mail addresses:

- for technical support
- for inquiries (Foreign countries)
- for quotations and orders (Italy)
- all individual e-mail addresses usually used

We thank you for your trust and collaboration.
  published in 02/04/2020    



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