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COVID-19 Emergency Management
Mandatory EUDCC for suppliers
To Mecatronic Suppliers,

starting from October 15th 2021 and until the end of the state of emergency (currently, December 31st 2021) a valid EUDCC COVID-19 certification is required to get into a workplace (so-called “green pass”) (Article 9-septies of Legislative Decree no. 52/2021, introduced by Legislative Decree no. 127/2021).

We remind you that the certification is issued{ more}
Discontinued Products Support 2020/2021
spare parts availability notice
It is now a long time since the end of production of the following machines, starting from 2020 it will no longer be possible to guarantee spare parts availability.
  • CableCoiler 1000
  • CompactStrip 9200
  • PowerStrip 9500 MX
  • HC 207
Starting from 2021 also for the followin{ more}
New Service of Crimping Press Analysis
Available upon reservation
From now on, Mecatronic is able to offer you a calibration service for crimping presses provided by one of the most efficient and innovative tools for the maintenance and capability.

New and unique features like colour touch display, integrated memory and USB interfaces in combination with our proven quality make { more}
Glance with safety
Print image monitoring with code-M camera
Expansion of the production line with a camera control system can also be simply achieved with an efficient application management of integrated camera solutions.

The successful combination of Metronic Alphajet Printers, the optional code-M Camera and its dedicated software optimise producti{ more}
Industry 4.0
Italian Customers Only
This is the ideal time to invest in your new production process.
Current tax incentives, in fact, make significant economic benefits possible when purchasing and renewing "interconnected" machinery.

For all the information and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be a{ more}
To be Excellent 2020
Schleuniger Partner
For the second consecutive year Mecatronic is proud to announce the receipt of

Schleuniger Partner "To be Excellent"

sincere thanks to all those who enabled us to achieve this goal again.
{ more}

the Bargain Corner

demo machines

WS 700
Electro-pneumatic stacker with motorized belt used for the collection of cables processed by a cutting or cutting and stripping machine.

(2 pcs available)
{ more}
MG 250 E
Demo machine.
With original packaging.
Warranty 12 months
{ more}
CBV 5.0
CBV 5.0 is a refrigeration industrial water chiller. It is used for mold conditioning in order to guarantee a constant temperature of a mold, during the production of injection products with L.P.M. technology (Low Pressure Moulding).
The water temperature can be adjusted from 16°C to 25°C.

demo machine
With original pack{ more}
US 3020W
With original packaging.
Warranty 6 months
{ more}
CB 400f
Demo machine.
With original packaging.
Warranty 12 months
{ more}
WS 600
fully electrical wire stacker for cables and wires produced by every kind of cut and strip machines (except for Schleuniger ES9300)

demo machines (1 available)
with original packaging.
12 months warranty.

delivery: 2 weeks from order
{ more}


Prototyping service for Overmolding
Manufacture your products with us
Starting a new overmolding production always involves major initial investments and the higher risks of startups.

Mecatronic provides you with its low pressure overmolding Area to begin your new production line and instantly offer you a starting stock to allow a better evaluation of your ideal impact to market.



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