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Industry 4.0
Italian Customers Only
This is the ideal time to invest in your new production process.
Current tax incentives, in fact, make significant economic benefits possible when purchasing and renewing "interconnected" machinery.

For all the information and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact (...)
New Service of Crimping Press Analysis
Available upon reservation
From now on, Mecatronic is able to offer you a calibration service for crimping presses provided by one of the most efficient and innovative tools for the maintenance and capability.

New and unique features like colour touch display, integrated memory and USB interfaces in combination with our proven quality make the PAL 4000 to an essential tool for quality assurance in the wire harness pr(...)
New Automatic Storage System
Goods to the person
Mecatronic improves its Customer Service with the new automatic Storage System for spare parts and consumables.

An automatic high-bay storage in translating trays that operates on the principle "goods to person" which means the operation is by PC on board through which you control the movement processes.

A multi-column vertical system that solves the intensive storage challenges, pro(...)


Manufacturing service for Overmolding
Manufacture your products with us
Starting a new overmolding production always involves major initial investments and the higher risks of startups.

Mecatronic provides you with its low pressure overmolding Area to begin your new production line and instantly offer you a starting stock to allow a better evaluation of your ideal impact to market.

Top Products

TO 100
Manual Press for Assembly Table Installation
TD 80
Dynamometer for testing terminals' hold. Terminal slipping off: tension, compression, maintenance, break.
CB400 F
CB400 F is an automatic post-process unit for coiling and binding wires and cables.

This fully automatic unit, connected in line with a cutting-stripping machine, is used for making coils of toroidal shape binded  with one or two straps. It can also work as a standard coiler
Brady Wraptor
Solution for online marking of cables and wires with self-adhesive labels

Wraptor Wire ID Printer Applicator from Brady - the automated print and apply machine that makes wire and cable identification faster and easier. The Brady Wraptor system improves productivity and adds quality by combining the pr(...)
EcoStrip 9380
Welcome to the Future of Entry Level Cut & Strip

  • Three in one transport unit
  • Improved price to performance ratio
  • Simple machine operation thanks to Schleuniger‘s standardized S.ON user interface
  • The latest technology, cleverly combined with Schleuniger‘s industry renowned precision
Easy Touch
The Signature Easy Touch combines the power of Cirris' Easy Wire software with the proven performance of the Signature Touch 1 into the most revolutionary high-voltage bench-top wiring analyzer ever.With its lightning-fast integrated PC and full color touch-screen display, Easy Touch guides the operator with easy-to-follow instructions. Easy Touch checkes for op(...)
MultiStrip 9480
Unmatched versatility

Six machine versions to meet your production needs.
High production output due to very fast cutter head,
high dynamic transport speed and parallel machine processes.
Minimized changeover times with quick change blade cartridges,
magnetically held guide tubes and programming-libraries.
The benchmark in precise coaxial a(...)
BM 700
The Bench Marking 700 is a unit designed for the inkjet marking of cut cables. In order to make the printing the unit is  interfaced with the ink-jet printers Metronic or Wiedenbach.
The BM 700 guides the cable in a linear way and checks the length of the cable by an encoder.
LF 65
The Prefeeding System LF65 allows to dereel cable or wire reels from 400 to 600 mm in diameter.
It can be integrated in line with every cut or cut/strip machine,  allowing a correct and linear feeding of the cable with a constant tension in both dereeling directions. The operating machine can be placed on the upper bench top of the dereleer, creating a c(...)
MegaStrip 9650
The MegaStrip 9650 is a modular designed, automatic cut- and strip machine to process  single core wires, multiconductor cables and shielded cables up to 35 mm (1.38 inch) in outer diameter. The machine is available in 2 basic versions and allow an optimized solution to the required applications and customers environmental conditions.