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COVID-19 Emergency Management
How to contact Mecatronic
To whom it may concern

In reference to the governments restrictions of DPCM of April 26th 2020 to contain the COVID19 spread and infection, we inform you that MECATRONIC SRL  will continue the usual productive and technical support activities, preferring however some { more}

the Bargain Corner

demo machines

MG 250 E
Demo machine.
With original packaging.
Warranty 12 months
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US 3020W
With original packaging.
Warranty 6 months
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Easy Touch
128-point analyzer

Demo machine.
With original packaging.
12 months warranty

nr.1 H2KM-64D Interface for high voltage 64 pos. 2000 VDC
nr.2 CI.ETB-SHVD Interconnection card with 32-point HV terminal board
nr.2 AC62-KFD Cable CH + / CH Fem-Fem 6
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MG 250 E
used machine
With original packaging.
6 month warranty
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Komax DPS 272
double cup coiler

year 2017, used machine in like new condition
usable with Komax K310, K320, K321, K33, K350, K206 / 2065
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CB 400f
Demo machine.
With original packaging.
Warranty 12 months
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WS 600
fully electrical wire stacker for cables and wires produced by every kind of cut and strip machines (except for Schleuniger ES9300)

demo machines (1 available)
with original packaging.
12 months warranty.

delivery: 2 weeks from order
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Prototyping service for Overmolding
Manufacture your products with us
Starting a new overmolding production always involves major initial investments and the higher risks of startups.

Mecatronic provides you with its low pressure overmolding Area to begin your new production line and instantly offer you a starting stock to allow a better evaluation of your ideal impact to market.



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