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Mecatronic srl is a private and independent company established in 1987 after a long experience in the automation field of the present CEO, Mr. Bruno Mattiuzza.

The company sells and services the best products for processing whatever energy transmission means and its solutions excel in high performances and cost effective production in the harness field (automotive, telecommunications, white-goods, railway, medical, defence).


Our Targets

Our goal is to provide the best solutions for your requirements and give a first-class technical after sales support.

Here is our motto “Solution & Service”.

ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification

  • Trading, Installation and Service for Wire Harness and Overmoulding machines and equipments.
  • 2D and 3D Design of wire harness and equipment and assembling.
  • 2D and 3D Design of moulds for overmoulding and prototyping of overmoulded parts.

EA Sector: 18, 19, 29

mecatronic certificazione uni-en iso 9001-2015
Certificazione Uni.EN ISO 9001:2015
Our Staff

Bruno Mattiuzza

General Manager

Elena Mattiuzza

Marketing & Comunicazione
Marketing & Communication

Daniele Basso

Operations Manager
Operations Manager

Ornella Fornelli


Elisa Trichilo

Assistente Marketing e Vendite
Export, Sales & Marketing Assistant

Maria Teresa Brizzi

Assistente Vendite
Inside Sales

Paola Valle

Ordini e Logistica
Orders & Logistic

Valentina Goitre

Assistente Servizio Tecnico
Service Engineer Assistant

Marco Castro

Technical Sales Support
Service Engineer

Santo Palumbo

Responsabile Servizio Tecnico
Technical Service Manager

Roberto Valfrè

Servizio Tecnico
Service Engineer

Davide Lo Bartolo

Responsabile Magazzino
Wharehouse Keeper

Marco Ferrero

Service Engineer
3D CAD Designer



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