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Micrograph Systems

MicroGraph System MGS

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Modular System for Crimp Cross-Sectional Analysis.

SawInspect System 6

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The SawInspect System 6 (SIS 6) is an extremely
compact device for crimp cross section analysis. Itís the only one
of its kind that combines three different highlights:
  • The precision cutting of the SPU 6
  • The high quality microscope of the MZU 1.3
  • The electrolyte staining of the ESU 6
Within a few quick steps, users can create cross sectioned samples.
The individual sample is placed in the holder and aligned with the saw blade. The unique blade provides a cut that does not require polishing after the sample is cut. After cutting, the sample holder
is quickly moved from the blade to the microscope with the use of guide rails.



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