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Crimping machines
crimping presses for loose terminals

CM 25

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The CM 25 crimping machine is a compact benchtop machine and is available in several models.

Equipped with adjustable crimping height and it is possible to rotate the insert for the matrices up to 360 °.
Equipped with pedal or manual switch.
Crimping force equal to 25 kN.

EC 65

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Electric crimping press for loose terminals up to 50 mm²

PC 65

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The PC 65 pneumatic press is able to process a wide range of terminals.
The crimping process is operated via a foot switch: in this way the operator's hands remain free to position the conductor and terminal correctly. The terminal itself can be held in place before the crimping process thanks to the use of the two-step crimping option. Even the most complex terminals can be processed easily and precisely.

UP 14/14BA/14Z

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Due to its exceptional price/performance ratio, the UP 14 pneumatic crimp machine series with radial closing mechanism is the ideal starter model for the mechanical processing of loose contacts. With a crimp force of around 1.4 tons, these ergonomic machines are able to process most small electrical contacts without any problem

UP 35/35BA/SSC

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The UP 35/SSC pneumatic crimp machines with parallel closing mechanism offer maximum user-friendliness with optimal safety and crimp quality for small to medium-sized cross-sections. Above all, smaller contacts that require very high levels of crimp quality and accuracy can be processed perfectly thanks to the parallel closing mechanism. The UP 35 portfolio is rounded off by the UP 35 BA special machine with a hand lever for opening/closing of the die, and the “Swiss Safety Crimp” machine (SSC), which can be operated without finger guards thanks to the double-foot pedal

UP 60

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The UP 60 crimp machine with parallel closing mechanism was developed as the most powerful pneumatic  machine in the WDT  portfolio for processing large electrical contacts. The adapter system can be switched without the need for additional tools and guarantees the highest levels of  flexibility , so that both small applications  (min. 0.08 mm²) and large cross-sections (max. 185 mm², depending on the contact materia and wall thickness) can be processed. A multiplicity of standard and special applications are available.

UP 65/66

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The compact UP 65 is designed  without compromise and includes a newly developed, integrated hydraulic unit. It saves space, is quiet and can be in- stalled easily. The hydraulic machines UP 65 and UP 66 have advantages in many areas when compared to stand- ard eccentric presses (space require- ments, quietness, user-friendliness, accuracy, flexibility, fitting time and others).
Thanks to the integrated hydraulic unit and operation with conventional
220 V/240 V power (110 V/120 V), the UP 65 can be used anywhere and at any time as a universal plug-and-play solution.
With the high crimp force of 150 kN the hydraulic WDT crimp machine are optimally prepared for growing requirements – such as large cross-sections up to
400 mm² on battery cables for electric and hybrid vehicles



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