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Jacket stripping machines
rotary head strippers


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Electropneumatic jacket stripping machine with rotating head for processing wires and cables up to 24 mm O.D. and stripping lenght up to 160 mm

JS 8310

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The JacketStrip 8310 axially and radially slits the insulation of out-of-round and multi-conductor cables from 2.5 - 25 mm (0.1" - 1'') O.D. and up to 500 mm (19.7") in stripping length without any damage to the inner conductors or shielding.

JS 8400

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The JacketStrip 8400 automatically strips jackets or insulation from thin round cables to difficult to hard-to-process power cables with an outer diameter (O.D.) up to 26 mm (1''). This versatile machine performs full strips, partial strips and window strips up to 200 mm (7.87'') stripping length.



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