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Stripping Machines


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The AV.TWIST.V2 is a stripping and twisting machine for single strands and cables with cross sections
from ca. 0.03 mm2 to 4 mm2 or 4.5 mm outer cross section (depending on the insulation features). The stripping and twisting process is released by the conductor that is to be stripped via a micro switch.


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Bench-top stripping & twisting machine for processing wires up to 4 mm˛ and 4,5 mm O.D.
Stripping lenghts up to 15 mm

RotaryStrip 2400

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The RotaryStrip 2400 is a fully programmable stripping machine with high precision and flexibility. Wire sizes from 0.013 - 6 mm˛ (36 - 10 AWG) can be processed without any mechanical adjustments. The RotaryStrip 2400 can strip wires with various insulation types including Kapton, Fiberglass and Teflon. The RotaryStrip 2400 also has the capability to strip and twist wires ranging in size from 0.14 mm - 2.5 mm˛ (26 - 13 AWG).



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