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Stripping Machines
wire & cable stripping

CS 60

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Fully electric stripping machine for processing wires and cables up to 6 mm˛. Stripping lenghts up to 20 mm

Mercury 2

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Featuring carbon dioxide laser technology, the Mercury-2 laser wire strippers vaporize any polymer insulation cleanly and precisely, whilst harmlessly reflecting from the shield or conductor—giving a perfect, nick-free strip every time.
The Mercury-2 features dual axis (X & Y) motion, which allows slitting along the wire as well as the wire ends . This makes the job of peeling back a long jacket, or making a window a piece of cake.

Mercury 4

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Mercury-4 is a laser stripping machine designed by Laser Wire Solutions.
The working range of cables and wires is very wide: it can process wires of section from 0.0010 to 16 mm2 (from 50 to 6 AWG).
Through the color touch-screen, it is possible to navigate through the memorized stripping parameters. Once the desired parameters have been selected, the stripping length, power and speed of the laser are automatically set. Once the program has been selected, the machine is ready to start the work cycle.
The wires / cables can be processed in manual mode by inserting them in the front opening of the machine, using the supplied mechanical device or using a custom device.
The whole process is monitored by a video camera.

UniStrip 2015

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The UniStrip 2015 is a pneumatic wire and cable stripping machine and the perfect solution for stripping discrete wires and small multi-conductor cables up to 3,2 mm (0.12") O.D.. The compact machine strips lengths up to 20 mm (0.78").

UniStrip 2300

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The UniStrip 2300 programmable stripping machine strips wires ranging in size from 0,03 – 6 mm˛ (32 – 10 AWG) and jacketed cables up to 5,5 mm (0.22“) in diameter.

UniStrip 2550

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UniStrip 2550 strips wires ranging in size from 0.03 – 6 mm2 (32 – 10 AWG) and jacketed cables up to 5.5 mm (0.22“) in diameter.
The machine comes standard with V-blades, the optimum solution for stripping most wires without having to change blades.

UniStrip 2600

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Schleuniger's most versatile stripping machine, the UniStrip 2600 can process many unique applications and wire & cable types, including discrete wire from 0.03 mm˛ up to 16 mm˛ (6 - 32 AWG), power cords (even multiple-conductors with different lengths, all in one cycle), multi-conductor cables, flat cables and others.



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