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cut strip terminate machines

Crimp Center 36 S

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Equipped with reliable high precision technology, the CrimpCenter 36 S features a compact modular design offering space for up to 6 processing stations without compromising the high Schleuniger quality standards of the 6-Series. Various configuration possibilities allow for a variety of applications to be processed with cross sections from 0.13 to 4 mm˛ (26 - 12 AWG). An optimal combination of proven state-of-the-art components results in outstanding production rates.

Crimp Center 64

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The CrimpCenter 64 is a fully automatic swivel arm crimping machine with 4 processing stations. At a maximum feed rate of 12 m/s (39.4 ft/s), the CrimpCenter 64 allows high-quality crimping, sealing, twisting and tinning of wires from 0.13 to 6 mm˛ (26 - 10 AWG) at maximum productivity.

Crimp Center 67

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The flexible High Performance model CrimpCenter 67 holds up to 7 stations (max. 3 crimp stations) on one platform and is specialized for customers with a large variety of standard and special applications such as crimping, doubling, sealing, tinning or twisting. A multitude of applications can be processed without changing the equipment. The large 6-series model processes both ends of the cable in one automated process.

Crimp Center 67 HD 16

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The CrimpCenter 67 HD16 is a fully automatic swivel arm crimping machine with up to 5 processing stations. It is ideally suited for medium to large cable applications from typically 6 to 16 mm˛ (10 - 6 AWG). At a maximum feed rate of up to 12 m/s (39.4 ft/s), this versatile fully automatic crimping machine allows high-quality crimping, sealing and twisting of wires at maximum productivity.

CrimpCenter 36 SP

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The CrimpCenter 36 SP offers decreased set-up time and increased effective performance. Therefore, overall productivity is increased and jobs can be processed in less time.
Furthermore, new features improve quality by systematic optimization, automating previously manual processes and enhancing wire handling. The end result is that the CrimpCenter 36 SP will help you achieve your targets in less time, while decreasing cost-per-lead.



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